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Insta Story, YouTube Video...

Eventually you would like to advertise e.g. on Facebook as well as on Instagram? Or otherwise introduce something on Instagram and on the other hand eventually just create content for TikTok so you can entertain your followers and simultaneously bind them long-term to your social media channels? In other words: we deliver the social media content creation you need.

Feed, Reels, TikTok, Social Media Content Creation

You need a vertical video for Instagram and at the same time a horizontal video with the same content for YouTube? 9:16 at first then in 16:9, furthermore in 4:5 but also in 4:3? As you wish, without doubt no problem for us!

We produce social media content basically for every popular platform, therefore in all different kinds of formats. To put it another way, you will be able to use your video content straightaway on all your channels. with this purpose in mind, we adapt the content cross-platform (Instagram, TikTok etc.) in length, format and nonetheless in style.

To sum up, we’ll surely implement your individual design adapted to your target group, whatever, Reel or Insta Story.

Post Production for Social Media, e.g. YouTube Video

Our post production services offer you the opportunity to le us adapt or edit your existing footage in essence to be used as social media content, e.g. for TikTok or YouTube. For the purpose of using your own music after we completed the project, like for example how it is with Insta Reels, we particularly produce and deliver your video without sound.
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Banner, Canvas, Facebook Cover

Our experience on marketing in the social media field allows us to list fields like for example product videos, commercials, trailers and teasers, explanation videos, event- and performance videos. Furthermore sole content creation videos as well as music videos and cooking videos.

In addition we offer to produce Spotify Canvas and Apple Music Banners for artists and bands. Further, we produce Facebook Covers (= video as banner). There surely no limits to creativity.

More Content Creation 🙂

Got excited? in this case let us inspire you! YouTube ad or TikTok video, in either case, we are reliant as much as flexible. Here you see screenshots and further example videos from our social media content portfolio.
More social media content creation by Perdurabo Film see here.

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