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Welcome to the Perdurabo Film FAQ Section

Here you will find general questions and answers relating to our production process and our services. For further questions and answers please contact us via

Yes. Together with you we correspondingly develop your idea to a final concept.

No Problem! We produce in all popular formats for social media platforms (TikTok, Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Snapchat, etc.), see here. Further, we offer you to produce video content out of  footage you provide us with and edit it for use in particular on social media.

This depends on the length of the video and obviously it’s complexity. All things considered, usually  for shorter videos (e.g. social media clips) we need about 2-14 days for post-production, for longer videos or films 7-30 days.

Not really. Nevertheless we provide basic VFX and we edit pre-produced animated videos provided to us.

After all we let real VFX experts do their job – with pleasure we recommend you one of our partners.

If you wish to add a song from the Rolling Stones to your video you will basically have to purchase a license to use this song, best at your national collecting society, e.g. AKM in Austria. We work with audio content that is generally free from licensing for you as our customer. Audio files we use are mostly taken from online stock media platforms (e.g. Storyblocks). In post-production we will offer you a variety of audio files to choose from. If you desire a custom composed soundtrack, we will gladly provide you with bands and composers we work together with.

No, you’ll have to do that. All in all the projected is completed for us after sending you the final cut.

In most cases we prefer a download-link (Dropbox, Google Drive, Wetransfer, etc.), provided by you for us. If your files are stored on a server, we will download them from there. Of course, it is also possible to deliver us the files via hard-drive, flash-drive or memory card.

In most cases digitally via download-link. If you wish, we will deliver your video/film on a hard-drive to you as well.

In context of post-production changes to your satisfaction are included. However, if the required changes deviate considerably from the agreed on concept, we will charge the extra work with a flat-rate. If you wish to change content (e.g. you got a new logo) we will gladly do that for you, but we will charge the amount of work. This also applies if you wish to produce a new or different video/film from the original content.

Of course you will be given the rights of use by us for the video we produced for you. You may use it for whatever purpose you want to, wherever and whenever. Regarding the original footage, if we shot it for you, we reserve the right to use this footage for demo purposes, such as show reels, demo reels, etc.

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