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When Elvis Presley left Hollywood in 1969 to return to his music career, he formed a band out of the best rock musicians at that time. James Burton, Ronnie Tutt and Glen D Hardin are one of the best session musicians ever to have lived and did not only play for the King but also for several other world-famous artists such as The Doors, Johnny Cash, Neil Diamond, Frank Sinatra or Ricky Nelson, to name just a few. Elvis named the band after his motto “Taking Care of Business” – The TCB Band. They weren’t only his musicians but also his closest friends. Until today they go on tour to celebrate the King and let his songs live on forever.

This documentary is a long-term project accompanying the band on their annual tours, giving the viewer an exclusive look inside and never shown before footage. In interviews and talks with the band members about their lives and how being Elvis musicians affected their lives makes Caretakers of Business unique. The band talks about their time with Elvis and furthermore about their collaborations with other world-famous artists. Another element of the story is the development of the music industry through the years from the band’s point of view. Caretakers of Business (TCB) puts the focus on the men who stood in the limelight with the King – but behind him.

At this point a date for publishing this movie is not yet set as production is still ongoing.

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Directed by: Anthony Jacobson
Producer: Anthony Jacobson

Script: Anthony Jacobson
DoP: Oliver Indra,
2nd Unit Camera: Alexandros Karavias
Sound: Eckehard BraunĀ 
Edit: Anthony Jacobson

Produced by: Perdurabo Film

Documentary, AT
Length: 120 minutes
Language: English
Aspect Ratio: HD, 16:9, Colour

James Burton, Ronnie Tutt, Glen D Hardin, Jerry Schilling, Donna Presley, Johnny Logan, Dennis Jale, Ed Bonja, Paul Leim, Terry Blackwood, The Imperials, Darrel Toney, The Holladay Sisters, Mrs Burton, Mrs Tutt, Taylor Burton, Andy Lee Lang, Goran Mikulec, Willy Langer, Oliver Gattringer, Martin Payr

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