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PLOT ruth weiss One More Step West is The Sea

From Berlin and Vienna in the 1930s; from New York to Chicago, New Orleans, Los Angeles and San Francisco in the 1950s ’60s and ’70s; one of the great women Beat poets, Ruth Weiss, has written, performed, painted, and filmed the fact that for her, ‘one more step west is the sea…’

Thomas Antonic traces her pioneering art and her world without boundaries. Now in her 90s, her life is a grand collage that transcends the Beat. She is the cosmic refugee among the ecstatic memories of counter-culture.

The documentary participated at the following film festivals:

Diagonale Graz 2021 – Main competition “Best Documentary”

New York Independent Cinema Award – Winner “Best International Documentary Feature”

¬†Latina Independent Film Festival – “Official Selection”

International Documentary Festival of Ierapetra – “International Feature Length Documentaries”


Directed by: Thomas Antonic
Producer: Thomas Antonic 
Co-Producers: Robert Dassanowsky, Anthony Jacobson

Script: Thomas Antonic
DoP: Thomas Antonic
Edit: Thomas Antonic, Anthony Jacobson

Produced by: Canto XXIII, Belvedere Film, Perdurabo Film

Documentary, AT, USA 2021
Length: 93 Minutes
Language: English
Aspect Ratio: 4K, 1,9:1, Colour

ruth weiss, Hal Davis, Canned Heat, Rent Romus, Mel Weitsmann, Doug O’Connor, Jack Hirschmann, Karl Schoen, Paul Blake

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