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The Gypsy Baron is a film about settled Romani in Soroca, a little town in the Republic of Moldova right at the Ukranian border. For Romani atypical settledness lead them to an unimaginable wealth and brings astonishing events and encounters to day-light, without doubt, hard to imagine for central Europeans. Small palaces with golden domes and strange fa├žades, marbled halls and luxury cars in the driveway dominate the street picture. The whole settlement equals a megalomaniac, surreal and colourful Potemkin village.

The cinema documentary pictures the Romani traditions, their customs and every-day life through the eyes of Artur Cherrari, the reigning Gypsy Baron of Soroca, and the eyes of Vale, who might become the one in future.

FESTIVALS: Cronograf IDFF  Chisinau 2015, European Film Festival Bucharest 2015, EUNIC Mons 2015

Distribution: East Silver Market Jilhava IDFF, Docs for Sale IDFA Amsterdam

TV-Broadcast: ORF, 2016


Directed by: Michaela Ronzoni, Oliver Indra, Anthony Jacobson
Producers: Michaela Ronzoni, Anthony Jacobson 

Script: Michaela Ronzoni
DoP: Oliver Indra
2nd Unit Camera: Bernhard Schermaier, Ruben Agadjanean
Sound: Eckehard Braun
Edit: Cordula Werner
Music: Christian Kolonovits

Produced by: CANARLI, Somiol Arts, Perdurabo Film

Documentary, AT, MD 2015
Length: 72 Minutes
Language: German
Aspect Ratio: HD, 16:9, Colour

Arthur Cherrari, Stefan Srbna, Benjamin Ronzoni

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