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PLOT The Last Minutes of Kurt Cobain

The Last Minutes of Kurt Cobain is a fictional short film about the last moments in life of the Nirvana singer and grunge icon. This movie should give the viewer an insight to Kurt Cobain’s soul and should make clear under which pressure this truly exceptional artist stood. 

This short film was part of a tribute play (Grandma Take Me Home) to this exceptional artist, which was shown at the famous U4 Club in Vienna, Austria, where Nirvana played a concert in 1989.  The movie was shot in the “video-style” of the 1990’s to be as authentic as a fictional situation based on a true story can be.

This film aims to honour one of the greatest modern artists and inspires to give some thoughts about what’s going on in the world today.

All scenes are fiction and solely depict an artistic approach to this event. The film has some strong images that may not suit every viewer.


Directed by: Anthony Jacobson
Producer: Anthony JacobsonĀ 

Script: Anthony Jacobson
DoP: Thomas LeitnerĀ 
Edit: Anthony Jacobson

Produced by: Perdurabo Film

Short, AT, 2011
Length: 3:40 Minutes
Language: English
Aspect Ratio: HD, 4:3, Colour

Anthony Jacobson as Kurt Cobain

Kurt Cobain Wiki

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